The Story of "Naked Fanny"

"Naked Fanny" towers over most aircraft on the ramp with an impressive 14 ft diameter prop and 2700 hp Wright engine. Built in the days of large propeller driven aircraft, "Naked Fanny" is sure to be an attraction at any airshow. The Douglas Skyraider was built to be one of the most powerful aircraft of its' time.

Douglas Skyraider Bureau Number


Accepted by the Navy in October 1952

Assigned to FASRON 691 San Diego September 1952

Assigned to VA-65 March 1953

Aboard the USS Yorktown August of 1953

Assigned to FASRON 11 Atsugi Japan February 1954

Assigned to VA-175 aboard the USS Wasp April 1954

Assigned NAS St. Louis December 1954

Assigned NAS Atlanta September 1955

Assigned Quonset Point October 1956

Storage facility Litchfield February 1957

March 1960 Norfolk Virginia shipped to France Armee de l`air

Served with French Armee de l`air in Africa from 1960 to 1985

Purchased by a United States private owner in 1989

United States owners Don Hanna, Rick Hegenberger, Dr. Micheal

Schloss, Rick Morisson, Jim Rohlf.

The tail code and paint scheme is that of the 602nd Special Operations Squadron of Nakhon Phanom Thailand.

On September 1 of 1968 LTC William A. Jones who was the commander of the 602nd, located a downed F-4 Phantom crew. Under the name “Sandy One” he directed the search and rescue operation of the crew. As he determined the crew’s location, his Skyraider was hit with heavy and accurate gunfire. Jones then lost the ability to transmit from his radio. Rather than lose the position information, he flew his Skyraider back to NKP, and refused medical treatment to provide information to the debriefing officer. LTC Jones was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Other Medal of Honor recipient includes Colonel Bernard F. Fisher.

Nakhon Phanom airbase or NKP was known by the troops as “Naked Fanny”. Hence the name of the aircraft.